About US

Rock on the Road began as a non-profit organization dedicated solely to students with a passion for music and its surrounding industry. This comprehensive program designed around the modern, often tumultuous, music industry enables students to take initiative and learn about music, along with everything that entails. Founded by Jonathan Mitchell, the band director of Ohana, Rock on the Road gives students everything they need to explore their passions in the music industry and get a taste for what it really is to be a musician. When students participate in this program they are given a year to organize a one-week tour which consists of writing and learning enough songs to play a full 3-hour set, booking their own gigs and accommodations, designing posters and other media, managing social media, fundraising, learning lighting and sound design, and above all else: giving back to the community.

Rock on the Road students posing after performing for an elementary school during their 2017 Give Back Tour