meet the bands


With the experience brought by their tour veterans and the enthusiasm of several new faces—Dance Hall will rock your road with their Rock & Roll and R&B classics and innovative originals alike.



Brennen Walker,  Jackson Cathcart,  Avery Carter,  Jakob Lawrence,

Lindsey Matthews,  Carson Gaffrey-Cruz,  Caelin Reeves


Favorite Tracks:

All Apologies, Nirvana

Come a Little Closer, Cage the Elephant

Redbone, Childish Gambino

Don't Wanna Fight, Alabama Shakes

Reptilia, The Strokes



Bringing to the table a refined focus on classic Rock & Roll, friends Jackson, Jakob, and Brennen are a strong and experienced trio.

As an off-shoot group from Dance Hall, JBJ's concentration on style

and cohesion more-than earn them their independence.



Brennen Walker, Jackson Cathcart, Jakob Lawrence,


Favorite Tracks:

Jenny Was a Friend of Mine, The Killers

Fell In Love With a Girl, White Stripes